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Use Code: JODYSUMMMER24 at checkout to save 10% on machines, Torches, TIG Kits, Gloves, Tungsten and More! 
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TIG Welding 4130 chromoly with Weldmonger/Furick Arsenal Kit

How a Weldmonger/Furick Arsenal Kit helped save a $10,000 nuclear heat exchanger

A friend of mine hired on with a new company and on his first day, the first job they gave him was to repair a bunch of bad welds made by the previous welder.

These welds were on a nuclear heat exchanger made from a high nickel alloy and all the welds had been made using standard cups.

Standard cups without the extra shielding you get from a gas lens can work okay on plain carbon steel but for a high nickel alloy tested to 900PSI with a hydro test, they just don’t cut it.

Every one of the 23 welds on this heat exchanger were dull and gray and were leaking.

So my friend ground out the cracks and ground off the gray oxide areas and pulled out a ceramic 12 Furick cup from his Arsenal Kit and set argon flow to 25 cfh.

After re-welding, the part was tested to 900PSI again and guess what?

Zero leaks!

He saved a $10,000 part from the scrap bin on his first day.

Partly due to his skill but also partly because of the awesome argon shielding from that Furick 12 cup along with a long stickout to reach the welds.

Imagine what an impression he made his first day on the job.

How do you put a price tag on that?

The point is, sometimes that extra edge you get from a great cup like the Furick 12 makes all the difference.

weldmonger furick arsenal kits 

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Jody Collier 

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