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Hey Jody here with a word about the Tig Finger...

I get emails all the time from welders thanking me for their Tig Finger because it helped them pass a welding test.

That's a pretty good feeling to know I helped someone take their skill to the next level.

Whether you are practicing to take a 6g test, tig welding aluminum tubing, repairing a cast aluminum gearbox, or tig welding sanitary stainless tubing, I promise you a Tig finger will help.

Finish that long pass without getting burned!

What do you do when you are almost finished with the best bead of your life and your knuckle is begging you to quit?

Do you hang in there and get burned?

Well, I have plenty of scars to prove I hung in there too long.  Sometimes, I get burned, but sometimes I bail out and then the bead is not quite as pretty.

You don't have to  sacrifice your fingers for a pretty weld!

The Tig Finger® has become a welding industry standard, allowing welders to slide smoothly along hot metal, 

It's like having a prop in your pocket! And trust me... It's durable...You're more likely to lose it than wear it out.

Don't buy into imitations. Trust the original Tig Finger Heat Shield®.

**Tig Finger® Heat Shield is 100% Asbestos free and 100% hand-made right here in the USA.

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