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Have a #17 or #26 Tig Torch and Wish Your Torch Was Smaller? 

We have good news! Weldmonger's Stubby Gas Lens Kit fits both #17 and #26 Series TIG torches. Now you'll be able to squeeze into those tight spots with small gas lens style cups normally used on a 9 or 20 Tig torch!

(Note: This kit is not compatible with a #9 or #20 torch)

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Here is What is Included:

  • 1/16", 3/32" & 1/8" ( 1.6mm, 2.4mm, and 3.2mm) size collets and gas lens collet bodies
  • 3 aluminum cups (#6, #7, #8 size)
  • Heat shield adapter
  • Short and long back cap
  • All 100% sourced from CK Worldwide
This kit even comes with 2% lanthanated electrodes in 1/16", 3/32" & 1/8" ( 1.6mm, 2.4mm, and 3.2mm), one of each size!

Kit Features:

You can shorten the total length of a big torch by over half with this kit, along with the small back cap, and get into those tight spots! This kit fits all 17 & 26 Series Air Cooled torches, including the Lincoln PTA-17 and PTA-26 torches, Miller Diamondback DB17 and DB 26 torches, along with the Weldcraft LS-17, WP-17 and WP-26 torches. These pieces fit imported torches as well!

Weldmaster Jody's Two Cents:

"The most common TIG torch is an air cooled #17 style torch. It's what I learned with, and it's fine for practicing welding on a bench where nothing is in your way, but as soon as you start tackling real jobs, you realize that something is almost always in your way. 

Whether it's a cluster joint with a tight angle on a roll cage, or a doubler on the inside of a piece of square tubing, or making a weld on a boiler tube where other tubes are only an inch away, a Stubby Gas Lens Kit turns a big torch into a much smaller torch that can still handle the amperage.

The gas lens will give you better gas shielding than the standard cups, too. So your stainless welds will look better. If you have ever used a small style TIG torch (a #9 air cooled, or a #20 water cooled), it's hard to go back to a big torch. A #9 air cooled torch is nice and small but just won't handle welding for very long over 100 amps. A #20 torch is water cooled and you can spend nearly $1000 on a water cooled torch, fittings, coolant, and cooler. 

With a Stubby gas lens kit, you get the best of both worlds— affordability, the simple setup of an air-cooled torch, the ability to weld at higher amperage than a small #9 torch, and better gas shielding from the gas lens.

This kit is a no brainer.

You might even want to add a Jazzy 10 ceramic cup to your cart for even better gas shielding and longer stickout!"


What Series/Number is my Torch?  Knowing the style of your torch takes the guesswork out of finding consumables and replacement parts.

2 Series(#9/#20):  torches include 9, 20, 100, 110, 130, 200, 230FL2L, CKM230, CWH230, WCM230 torches and other popular torches of Weldcraft, Lincoln, WeldTec and Profax with similar models.

3 Series(#17/#18/#26):  torches include 17, 18, 26, 150, 210, 300, 510, Trimline, FL3L, CKM350, CWHTL300, CWH350, CWM350 and other popular torches of Weldcraft, Lincoln, WeldTec and Profax with similar models.

If you need any more help finding out what style torch you have, contact us today at (833)-308-7018

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