Furick Jazzy 10 Ceramic TIG Cup Kit: (for #9/20 and #17/18/26 style torches)

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$ 24.99

The Furick Jazzy 10 Ceramic Welding Cup Kit

*sold out due to extremely high demand* more coming soon. The #10 combo kit is still in stock for a limited time. 

Kit Features:

  • For use with stainless steel, Inconel, 4130 Chromoly, and more!
  • The Jazzy #10 Kit is a step up from a #8 gas lens cup.
  • These cups screw onto your 45V44 for the #9/20 torches or a 3/32" stubby gas lens, as well as the 17,18 and 26 adapter kit.
  • The Jazzy 10 Ceramic Cup is great for mild steel and is made for walking, as well— Just like these boots. *high five*
  • Kit includes 2 ceramic cups and 1 spare screen diffuser.

Check out the Furick Jazzy 10 Ceramic Welding Cup in action in this video from our YouTube channel!

Note: The Jazzy 10 ceramic is set up for use with a 3/32" (2.4mm) electrode, AND SHOULD NOT BE USED WITH AC (175 AMP MAX on DC!) If you have a #17 or #26 Style torch, you'll need the threaded adapter kit

Special Note:

* PLEASE CHECK the Collet Body/Torch identifier photos to determine whether or not you'll need an adapter kit, sold separately.

*Important: Furick Jazzy 10 Ceramic works great on #9 and #20 style torches with a 45v44 gas lens, but for 17,18,26 style torches, you'll need the Furick threaded Adapter Kit. Click here for more information. 


What Series/Number is my Torch?  Knowing the style of your torch takes the guesswork out of finding consumables and replacement parts.

2 Series(#9/#20):  torches include 9, 20, 100, 110, 130, 200, 230FL2L, CKM230, CWH230, WCM230 torches and other popular torches of Weldcraft, Lincoln, WeldTec and Profax with similar models.

3 Series(#17/#18/#26):  torches include 17, 18, 26, 150, 210, 300, 510, Trimline, FL3L, CKM350, CWHTL300, CWH350, CWM350 and other popular torches of Weldcraft, Lincoln, WeldTec and Profax with similar models.

If you need any more help finding out what style torch you have, contact the experts at Weldmonger today at (833)-308-7018

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