CK Worldwide / Weldmonger™ Basic Stubby Gas Lens Kit 3/32" (2.4mm) 17,18,26 style torches

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This kit is for 17 or 26 Series TIG torches only ... and will not fit #9 and #20 style torches. IF you have a 9 or 20 style torch click here

My new Basic Stubby Gas Lens Kit setup is for 3/32” (2.4mm) electrodes…which is the most used size there is because a 3/32” 2% lanthanated electrode can weld razor blades and will also handle nearly 200 amps AC (on most welders) and about 250 on DC …and  fits  17 or 26 Series TIG torches. 
This kit comes with a #8 gas lens style cup but also allows you to use any of your 9 or 20 gas lens style cups on your 17 or 26 torch head. ( the white insulator heatshield that comes with the kit is the key) 
This kit does not work with the clear furick cups.  But does work with the Furick Ceramic #12 cup
as well as other threaded furick cups like the jazzy 10 ceramic  (which is one of my new favorites)
My kit comes comes with a 3/32” (2.4mm)  collet and gas lens collet body, a #8 cup, heat shield, short,medium, and long back caps. 
Also included is a 3/32” (2.4mm) 2% lanthanated electrode.  So if you have been wanting to try 2% lanthanated you can.
The real benefits of using this Basic Stubby Gas Lens kit is that you can shorten your torch by almost half. And that might mean the difference between getting in a tight area…or not.
You will also be able to extend your tungsten further than you can with standard collet body that comes with most torches.
This Stubby kit fits  17 & 26 Series Air Cooled torches, including the Lincoln PTA-17 and PTA-26 torches, Miller Diamondback DB17 and DB 26 torches, along with the Weldcraft LS-17, WP-17, and WP-26 torches.  
I have also used it quite often with the large Trafimet style torches found on imported machines

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