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Primeweld TIG machines and water cooled packages back in stock!

WM BLITZ VIDEO #18 TIG Brazing Pulse Settings

TIG Brazing with Silicon Bronze filler metal has lots of uses like joint copper to steel, or brass or building up a wear area.

But one application is for art and cosmetics.

I met some folks a few years back who built some really cool industrial furniture and they used tig brazing with silicon bronze on things like hinges and drawer handles because it gave a really nice look on the steel parts.

I have been experimenting with pulse settings to dial in what I feel like is the easiest way to TIG braze with silicon bronze.

For 11ga thick steel lap joints shown in the video on this page, I settled on around 1 pulse per second with 30% background current . Pulse on time around 50%.

I used 3/32" Silicon Bronze filler and just left the rod in the puddle.

The technique I used was to move the arc forward during the high pulse and pause during the low pulse.

The benefit of this technique is that it prevents overheating and helps keeps the silicon bronze puddle clean.

Leaving the filler rod in the puddle also prevents oxides from entering the puddle.

TIG brazing is called brazing because you are not melting the base metal but rather just flowing braze material over the surface.

Silicon Bronze filler metal is not nearly as strong as ER70S2 or ER70S6 so should not be used as a structural joint but is very useful for achieving a certain look on art pieces or on low stress components like cabinet handles on industrial furniture.



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