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#3 Weldmonger Customer Quick Tips #3

#3 Weldmonger Customer Quick Tips #3

Here is another Quick tips video that gets right to the meat.

This video is strictly for you weldmonger customer and its unlisted so others cant watch it.

One challenge I hear about a lot is making small tack welds on thin aluminum.

It starts with a a tapered electrode and a higher AC frequency.

AC balance comes into play too because you want your tip to stay tapered.

Using a smaller filler metal helps too.

But I think the main thing is to let the cleaning action work while holding a tight arc length and watch the edges melt to where they are ready to accept a small dab of small diameter filler metal.


Clear Cups help me film welding videos but I learned early on that they also help me see better.

If you are having trouble seeing everything, first make sure you have the right glasses, and your clear lens is clean.

But if all that is well, maybe clear cups can help.

I have gravitated to the #7 pro clear cup for aluminum as well as steels.

One of the welds I had to do in welding school was a vertical uphill tee joint using 7018.

But I am hearing that quite a few jobs are requiring welders to test using 5/32" 7018.

Setting the amperage to the low end of the range for 5/32" helps.

140 amps was the setting for the weld in this video.

MIG welding vertical uphill using short circuit transfer requires some manipulation to make the weld lay down flat.

Its almost the same technique shown in the clip using 5/32" 7018.

Good luck Welder,


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John Iudice - June 23, 2024

What setting was that MIG weld done on.
I use pulse MIG synergic and it leaves a very clean finish similar to a
TIG weld

Ken Calardo - June 20, 2024

I’ve been welding for 50 years for a living and I still learn something every time I watch one of these videos, thank you

Robert Provencher - June 20, 2024

Excellent recommandation to go one step below the recommended chart.



Terry Spencer - June 20, 2024

Great videos for young welders, and old like me . Started my apprenticeship in 1970 , still learning . Thanks Terry 👍

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