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WM BLITZ VIDEO #16 How to TIG Weld Cold Rolled Steel - Corner and Lap Joints

There is nothing special or difficult about tig welding 11ga cold rolled steel but I enjoy using it for videos because its readily available from in kits for the boy scout merit badge. Even amazon has some 11ga cold rolled welding practice pieces for sale but the last kit I ordered from amazon was thinner than 11ga is supposed to be. 

11ga makes for some good practice and is more forgiving than thinner metal.

I used the CK worldwide mt200 AC DC tig welder and the smooth foot pedal along with super flex hoses on the 17 style torch make it fun to use.

I used a clear jazzy 10 cup for the corner joints and a ceramic 12 furick cup for the lap joints.  

The jazzy 10 would have been fine for all of it, but I like to experiment sometimes so I used a 12 for the laps.

Settings are listed in the video but I am listing here too...


Corner joints

105 amps

1/16' er70s6 filler wire

3/32" 2% lanthanated tungsten

jazzy 10 clear furick cup with 20 cfh argon

Lap joints

120 amps

1/16' er70s6 filler wire

3/32" 2% lanthanated tungsten

12 furick cup with 25 cfh argon

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Eric Ziner - August 28, 2023

Jody, What is the best backing for welding on aluminum? I have spaces to fill between the butt joint, 1/8" 6061. I’m thinking stainless, heavy. I have enjoyed the years of your teachings, thank you for great videos.

Bill Parr - August 28, 2023

Hi Jodi, I’m from Devon across the pond, thanks for all of your expertise and wisdom!
I would like to see info on welding thicker aluminium, like auto suspension uprights in 6082 T6 using 4943 filler, big beads of multi pass?
All the very best

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