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Use Code: JODYSUMMMER24 at checkout to save 10% on machines, Torches, TIG Kits, Gloves, Tungsten and More! 
Use Code: JODYSUMMMER24 at checkout to save 10% on machines, Torches, TIG Kits, Gloves, Tungsten and More! 

WM Blitz Video #1 30 Videos in 30 Days

Jody Here, 

We've never done anything like this.. 

The Month of August is Customer Appreciation Month at I have over 30 Videos in the vault, and they aren't helping anyone just sitting there... so we're doing a WM 30 Day video blitz. Make sure to watch the first video below to find out how to enter to win the giveaways we'll be hosting through August. This video talks about the CK Turbo Sharp Tungsten Sharpener, but the instructions are the same no matter what we're giving away. (Scroll below the video to enter.)

We will be notifying folks by email every 3-4 days when the new batch is ready to watch. If you'd rather keep up with it daily, bookmark the home page of the blog.. The link is HERE

Thanks again for all your support. 

VIDEO 1 ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

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Michael Torregrossa - March 19, 2024

Hi Let me start by saying I love your videos and the way you teach and of course your talent as a welder because all that have talent doesn’t mean they know how to teach ( to the benifit of your veiwers thank god you have both and are willing to share ) . I’m 69 years old and been a Aircraft mechanic since I’m 19. I have always admired a great welder ( which you are ). Ive met some truley great ones including ones that welded on the Luner module when I was at Grumman Aerospace. Over the years I’ve come up with a few time saving tools I cut formed etc but always had to come to a welder for the finale touches. I’m still working , my bucket list includes learning basic mig welding DIY stuff and garage projects. With your videos I’m learning and I see progress Thanks

Dylan Barton - October 6, 2023

Jody I really appreciate you taking the time to put all these awesome video’s together for everyone. They’ve really helped me a lot. Really enjoy learning the different tips and tricks. Keep it up man! God Bless.

Ivan - October 6, 2023

Mr. Jody.
Your very professional approach and hard work to create great video about welding during years have formed entire generations of welders around the globe. Thank you Mr. Jody for your affort.

Balaji - August 28, 2023

Hi hello who are you sir

Greg George - August 28, 2023

Appreciate all the work you put into making these videos, Thanks Jodie

Garry Coats - October 6, 2023

I do a lot of quickie jobs using 3/32 7018 rods. Hard to get a sweet looking bead on a hole fix, securing a hinge or hitch, adding a tab… using about 90 amps… maybe too much heat? Practice more I guess… right?

Diego - August 28, 2023

Hola saludos he visto casi todos tus videos y me ha alimentado de conocimiento y desarrollo sería bueno que todo los videos tuvieran traducción

Jose GUZMAN - August 28, 2023

Hi Jody thank you for all the good videos and explanation on
helping me to improve my welding skills, also thanks for all the good products on your store they are really handy and they all ready to use once again thank you. I’m looking forward to see more videos on your channel and new product on yor store.

Terry - August 28, 2023

I taught soldering and brazing for our local community collage for 32 years and only got to Tig when I was in school back in the early 80’s. I bought me a small Tig welder last summer and I love watching your vid’s to pick up tips and tricks to self teach myself to tig again.

Mark Tracy - August 6, 2023

Just ordered your new Furick cup can’t wait to get it! Also my second pair of black TIG gloves they are really NICE!

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