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Use Code: JODYSUMMMER24 at checkout to save 10% SITEWIDE

WM Blitz Video #1 30 Videos in 30 Days

Jody Here, 

We've never done anything like this.. 

The Month of August is Customer Appreciation Month at I have over 30 Videos in the vault, and they aren't helping anyone just sitting there... so we're doing a WM 30 Day video blitz. Make sure to watch the first video below to find out how to enter to win the giveaways we'll be hosting through August. This video talks about the CK Turbo Sharp Tungsten Sharpener, but the instructions are the same no matter what we're giving away. (Scroll below the video to enter.)

We will be notifying folks by email every 3-4 days when the new batch is ready to watch. If you'd rather keep up with it daily, bookmark the home page of the blog.. The link is HERE

Thanks again for all your support. 

VIDEO 1 ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

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Eddie Crawford - August 3, 2023

I have learned a lot from these videos, thanks so much for sharing.

Bob - August 3, 2023

Have enjoyed your videos like many others have over the years and have passed on some videos to students and suggested they subscribe to your site which I believe many have.

Kjell Nilsen - August 3, 2023

I have have learnt s lot watching your videos. Especially Tig welding both stainless steel and aluminum.

Dennis Dunn - August 3, 2023

your videos are the reason I got into TIG welding! I now have two TIG specific machines one water cooled and one not. Additionally, my MIG welding has greatly improved because of your great teaching style. I haven’t done a lot of stick welding yet.
But now I can actually say I weld now instead of sticking two pieces of metal together with hot metal. More welding less grinding.
Thank you.

Donnie Sessions - August 3, 2023

Thank you Jody!
I have been watching your videos for years now, and you have helped me immensely in improving my abilities! Also appreciate your videos for refresher courses when I haven’t done something for a while! Thank you for sharing your knowledge Jody!

Mike Haley - August 3, 2023

Great videos, wish I could make my welds look like yours.

Kenneth - August 2, 2023

Been watching your videos for a while you are very informative. Your videos are well put together.

Christian Raith - August 2, 2023

Have always enjoyed the dvd’s I bought from you and look forward to watching these new video’s.
cheers from Australia

Jeff Langford - August 2, 2023

Great content as usual. This channel has helped me improve my by 100%
Thank you Jody

Michael Blenkins - August 2, 2023

I cannot remember when I first started watching Jody’s welding videos but it must have been around the year 2000 after I left the Air Force. I have seen much change in the format and content and have additionally learned much. I did prefer the videos which addressed real life problems in lieu of lab conditions. Much of my work was in the marine environment which presents its own particular problems. It is difficult to create ideal conditions welding cast ali in the bilge of a boat. Notwithstanding, I will continue to look forward to each release most likely until my demise. I would still love to have a dedicated tungsten grinder which would not require my glasses to see what I was doing. I note we are both looking somewhat older Jody and I, like you, get much satisfaction passing knowledge on to my juniors. Stay safe, Mike

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