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BONUS! ⚡️ FREE ALLY #5 Kit when you buy an Arsenal KIT.
BONUS! ⚡️ FREE ALLY #5 Kit when you buy an Arsenal KIT.
TIG Welding Stainless Steel Tips and Techniques on 1/4" and .056" (1.4mm)

TIG Welding Stainless Steel Tips and Techniques on 1/4" and .056" (1.4mm)

Tig welding stainless steel 

Please leave your comments on what videos you would like to see here as well as what products you would like to see on our store here at Weldmonger.

This video shows tig welding a 2 pass fillet weld tee joint on 1/4" stainless steel.

Then it shifts gears into a .056" (1.4mm) lap joint.

A Furick jazzy #10 ceramic cup is one of my favorite cups for tig welding stainless steel, cold rolled steel, and 4130 chromoly.

P.S If you already tried the ceramic, and you want to give the glass a try.. Here is a link to the Furick jazzy #10 glass cup

We made a special bundle for you that includes a 2 pack of Jazzy 10 ceramic cups, a TIG finger®, and a gas lens adapter kit that not only works with the jazzy 10 cups but also lets you use any other Furick cup like the 8 pro clear cup.

This bundle is a no brainer for you if you TIG weld stainless or chromoly.

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John the Blacksmith - October 17, 2023

Every day is a school day. Love to see some cast iron repair techniques, especially manky course grain and dirty.

James Yasko - October 13, 2023

1 other thing I forgot on last comment. It would be helpful on your kits to have a label with contents of the kit. Again for us newbees keeping all the parts straight can be confusing. Thanks

Jim Yasko - October 13, 2023

Jody really like your videos. The comparison on difference in end result of the welds using different cups, stick out, etc is very informative, especially for us novice tig welders. Keep up the good work and the great store.

Serge De Bel - October 12, 2023

Hello Jody, thanks much for the educational video. As I read from other comments, I am not the only one having problems with the dab fill coordination left hand with the torch right hand, and for a non pro, laywire technique is way more easy to get by. Now does laywire reach the same penetration as dabbing ? Many thanks and best regards

Chris Hixson - October 11, 2023

Coming out of the rail industry, we never did a lot of tig at all, but following you and your videos has been a tremendous help. My confidence grows every time I pick up the tourch. Thank you for what you’re doing!

Roel Mendoza - October 10, 2023

I would like to see some troubleshooting videos of poor welds and poor weld techniques
All of your videos show beautiful beads and techniques.
Could you show some poor welds made by beginners and offer techniques for improvement

Greg - October 10, 2023

Why would he use a old machine when there is so much new technology out there to make great welds? I like any videos that will make me a better welder.

Paul Ziegler - October 10, 2023

I have your videos that show tig brazing the foot on a vice that had been broken. In the video you said there would more vice repair videos on other vice repairs but I find none listed on your website or that I have seen on the weekly shows.

Scott Snow - October 9, 2023

I would like to see welding tips for stainless steel and distortion control. Thanks.

Jim Johnson - October 9, 2023

I’ve been a hobby welder for 50 years, mostly for automotive sheet metal, but some heavier steel like chassis components and frames on occasion. I used strictly oxy/acetylene to gas weld in the 1960’s but now use short circuit MIG for body panels and TIG for carbon steel, chrome moly and aluminum. I’ve learned quite a bit from you by watching your videos over the last 5-7 years. Thanks.

I’ve been trying to learn how to weld martensitic stainless steel trim that has been used on a lot of classic cars like ‘57 Chevys. I’ve not been able to learn how to do it in spite of trying various techniques and welding settings using my newest welder, a Prime Weld 225 ACDCP. So I typically send the pieces out that need to be welded or I’ve bought used or reproduction pieces. This trim stainless is about 0.035", 22 gauge I think and I would like to see you demonstrate how to weld up holes and cracks in it.

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