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ac frequency settings for aluminum tig welding

TIG Welding Aluminum Settings

When it comes to Tig welding aluminum settings 

There's good news….and bad news….

The bad news is that tig welding machines are all different.

..and so settings for tig welding aluminum vary from one machine to another. 

..but here is the  good news,,,

Once you learn what all the settings do on one machine, all other machines are much easier to learn.

ac frequency settings yt thumb blog image

It's not that much different than a guitar amplifier if you think about it.

A simple amp might have an on/off switch, bass, and treble.

Fancier amps might have all kinds of effects like reverb, distortion, and who knows what else.

It's the same with TIG welding machines.

Older transformer tig welding machines were very simple. 

You just set it on DCEN for steels, and AC for aluminum and magnesium.

the only other thing was a switch to select start or continuous on the high frequency current.  ...start for DC and continuous for AC to keep the arc stable.

Newer inverter tig welders like the miller dynasty, Lincoln Aspect, fronius magicwave, and others have many different settings for TIG welding aluminum.

2 machines that have simple settings on AC are:

CK mt200 AC/DC TIG welder 

PrimeWeld TIG225x.

We have several videos showing how to set each machine for aluminum.

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