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TIG Welding a Stainless Liquid Nitrogen Header

For this Video, I was at JD's shop working on a stainless steel liquid nitrogen header.

The header was made from  2" schedule 10 stainless with 2 end caps and 4 threaded o lets.

Before welding, we purged the line with argon using a Dual Flowmeter (click here to see the flowmeter on the store)

Using the Furick jazzy 10 ceramic and 20cfh flow of argon with 10 cfh purge, the root pass on the end cap butt joints were welded with 65-70 amps without filler metal.

After cooling and wire brushing with a stainless brush, a cover pass was done at roughly 65-70 amps.

A TIG Finger gives you a lot of options and a way to prop right next to the weld 


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