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TIG Torch Set Up

TIG Torch Set Up

Now that you have a tig welding machine, its time for a better TIG torch set up...

A Stubby Gas Lens kit is my first recommendation for a TIG torch set up Upgrade for a 17 style torch

stubby gas lens kit weldmonger

If your tig torch set up looks like the one below, you have a 17,18, or 26 style tig torch and you could really benefit from a stubby gas lens kit

17 collet body

A 17 style air cooled tig torch is the most common tig torch that might come with a 200 amp tig welding machine.

Even though a 17 air cooled tig torch is only rated at 150 amps, it can be used to weld for brief periods at 200 amps.

An 18 torch is the water cooled version of a 17 and a 26 tig torch is an air cooled tig torch that is rated at 200 amps.

17, 18, and 26 torches all use the same cups and hardware.

And our weldmonger stubby kit works will 17, 18, and 26style tig torches.

The best way to tell what style tig torch you have is to look at the collet body and compare it to the pic above.

If your collet body looks like the pic above then you have a 17, 18, 26 style tig torch.

if your collet body looks like the pic below, then you have a #9 or #20 style tig torch

9/20 tig torch collet body

If your collet body looks like the pic above, then you have a 9 or 20 style tig torch.

A 9 tig torch is air cooled and 20 style is water cooled but they use the same hardware.

The best single upgrade for a 9 or 20 tig torch is our weldmonger gas lens kit for 9/20 torches.

weldmonger gas lens kit for 9 and 20 torches

If you are still using the basic cups and hardware that came with your tig torch, there are many options for you.

I worked hard to make it easy and convenient for you with these gas lens kits so you can be sure they will work with your tig torch.




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