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A ck 20 tig torch is one of the most popular water cooled torches

A ck 20 tig torch is one of the most popular water cooled torches

If you landed here after searching for a ck 20 tig torch, we have them available at our store along with several other ck tig torches

A CK 20 tig torch is rated at 250 amps and the torch body is just about as small as a #9 air cooled torch.

Available in rigid head or flex head...

pictured below is the flex head ck 20 tig torch.

ck 20 flex head torch

Why a CK 20 tig torch is a good choice:

  • Super flex cables ( you can opt for standard cables but why?)
  • advanced cooling design keeps the torch head cool
  • excellent and friendly customer support...meaning that if there is a problem, someone on the weldmonger store  team will get on the phone with CK and get it resolved

Both water cooled and air cooled tig torches have their place.

I use both.

When I am welding with a 200 amp tig welder like the ck mt200 , I mostly use an air cooled 17 and sometimes a 200 amp trimline 26 style air cooled torch.

But for higher amperage welding like on 1/4" and thicker aluminum, or if I am doing production work, I prefer a water cooled version like CK 20 tig torch because air cooled torches get too hot  when you are welding at 250 amps.

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