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All of my Welding Tips & Tricks YouTube videos from 2014 on a complete 4-Disc DVD Set. That's over 7 hours of welding instruction spanning a year's worth of work. Here's what you get:

 Disc 1: TIG
Sharpening Tungsten Broken Tap Removal
6G 2inch 309 Heat Input
6G 2inch 309 Hotpass Stubby SS Laps
Stainless Shafts Multipass Pipe Test Tips
2013 Highlights Scratch Start Tip
Thunderbolt Scratch Start
Disc 2: TIG
TIG Basics 1 TIG Torches
TIG Basics 2 2T/4T Settings
TIG Basics 3 Electrode Tips
TIG Basics 4
Disc 3: MIG
Macro Etching Welds How to MIG 5
How to MIG 1 How to MIG 6
How to MIG 2 How to MIG 7
How to MIG 3 Overhead Tee Drill
How to MIG 4 Downdraft Chute
Disc 4: Projects and More
MIG AHP Field Test Welding Cart Project 2
TIG 12L4 Bung Welding Cart Project 3
Forklift Repair Welding Cart Project 4
Engine Hoist Welding Cart Project 5
Distortion Basics Bookends 1
Brazing Cast Iron to 409 Bookends 2
Welding Cart Project 1 TIG Silicon Bronze

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