Strong Hand Tools - MRT100 Ready Rest, Magnetic TIG Torch Holder w/ Cable Hanger (Base model)

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$ 19.99

MRT100 Ready Rest Magnetic TIG Torch Holder (Base Model)

Product Details

  • Includes cable hanger.
  • Deep bend design provides extra-secure torch holding.
  • Features rounded edges to prevent scratching.
  • Adjustable cable hanger holds cable "slack," reducing wrist fatigue.
  • Store your torch on the ready rest to prevent damage and create a clean, organized work area.

Weldmonger is committed to providing our welders with all the tools and accessories they need to have a clean, safe, and productive working area. The advanced features of this TIG torch holder are sure to give your workspace that little something extra that it needs to keep you organized and avoid damage to your equipment.

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