*CK Worldwide | TIG Torch - CK TL210 Air Cooled Trim-Line (TL2112HSF FX) , Flex Head, W/ 12.5' Super Flex hose

| CK Worldwide |

$ 160.99

* Important: we CANNOT ship this torch to addresses outside the USA

A solid choice for a gas cooled torch package

Trim-Line torches significantly reduce the size and weight of your torch while maintaining similar amperage capacity.

    • Larger coolant passage in head
    • Flex head a maximum of 40 degrees from centerline. See below for more details and recommendations.
    • 8-1/8" (20.6cm) 5 oz (141gm)
    • 3 Series Head Accessories (17,18,26 kits)

The flex head makes it easier to get into tight spots! 

And make sure to check out our Stubby Gas Lens Kit for this torch.  The combination of a stubby gas lens and this torch is crazy good.

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