CK Worldwide AK-5W TIG Accessory Kit, 8 Series

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$ 81.99

* Important: we CANNOT ship this torch to addresses outside the USA

This accessory kit fits the following torches: CK-24, CK-24W, CK-80, CK-90, CK-180 also will fit Weldcraft WP-24 / WP-24W Torches. Does not include any gas lenses. The CK Accessory Kits provide spare parts needed for the Tig Process with a variety of sizes so you can make changes for the different applications you wish to use it for. Package of 1

Series:  8 Series

Includes:  .040" Collet (CK8C40), 1/16" Collet (CK8C116), 3/32" Collet (CK8C332), .040" Collet Body (CK8CB40), 1/16" Collet Body (CK8CB116), 3/32" Collet Body (CK8CB332), #4 Ceramic Cup (CK8C4), #5 Ceramic Cup (CK8C5), #6 Ceramic Cup (CK8C6), .040" X 7" 2% Ceriated Tungsten (CKT0407GC2), 1/16" X 7" 2% Ceriated Tungsten (CKT1167GC2), 3/32" X 7" 2% Ceriated Tungsten (CKT3327GC2)

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