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The Most In-Demand Furick Cup Kit From Weldmonger

Praise for the Furick Cup From Jody:

"The thing I appreciate most about all of the different Furick cups is that Michael Furick himself tests his cups rigorously before selling them. Being a motorsports fabricator and excellent welder himself, Mr. Furick knows what’s up. This kit includes some of my favorite cups that he offers."

We've combined all the right adapter kit parts and gas lens collet bodies so that they're ready to go on your #17, 18, or 26 style torch!

This Kit Includes Jody's Favorites:

#8 Pro Clear Cup: I really like this cup.  My go to size cup for all around steel as well as aluminum is usually a #8 gas lens. The #8 Pro helps me see better, and not just through the cup when welding into a corner or in a hole— the clear cup actually lights up the whole area, helping my over-60-eyes see where I am going! The #8 Pro is not threaded so uses the gas lens with double o-ring design provided in the kit. Additionally, it works great on either AC or DC power supply.

The Jazzy 10 Ceramic Cup: This cup provides great gas coverage with a really long stickout and works great on chromoly steel, stainless steel, and inconel alloys.

The Ceramic 12 Cup: This cup features the same design as the Jazzy 10 while providing a larger argon envelope, and also works great on 4130 chromoly steel, stainless steel, inconel alloys, and even some titanium jobs.

The New BBWSG-19 Cup: This cup has a brass insert that is threaded and provides a really large shielded area for titanium and other alloys like inconel and other superalloys used in both aerospace and motorsports. Watch the video below for more info on this kit!


*Important: this kit is for #17, #18, and #26 style TIG Torches. If you have a #9 or #20 style torch, click here instead. This kit only comes with a 3/32 torch setup. 

Please Note: Due to high demand, this product may take up to 3 business days to ship. 



What Series/Number is my Torch?  Knowing the style of your torch takes the guess work out of finding consumables and replacement parts.

2 Series(#9/#20):  torches includes 9, 20, 100, 110, 130, 200, 230FL2L, CKM230, CWH230, WCM230 torches and other popular torches of Weldcraft, Lincoln, WeldTec and Profax with similar models.

3 Series(#17/#18/#26):  torches include 17, 18, 26, 150, 210, 300, 510, Trimline, FL3L, CKM350, CWHTL300, CWH350, CWM350 and other popular torches of Weldcraft, Lincoln, WeldTec and Profax with similar models.

If you need any more help finding out what style torch you have, give us a call. (833)-308-7018

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