Furick #8 Pro Cup 4-Pack
( works with #9/20 Torches without adapter and with #17 / 26 style torches with adapter kit)

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$ 37.99

*Important: The Furick #8 Pro Cup works with #9 and #20 style torches with a 45v44 style gas lens, or with #17 or #26 Style torches, you'll need the Furick Adapter Kit which includes a 3/32" (2.4mm) setup . Click here for more information.

The #8 Pro Cup is an AC/DC polarity cup with a 200 amp rating and has an inner diameter of .500 / 12.5mm.

It is commonly used for most mild steel and stainless steel applications where good gas coverage is wanted and arc stability is critical. The #8 size cups are a great all around size for most industrial, Hot Rod and hobbyist applications.

Cups will require 15-20 CFH of argon flow.

Please do not “Walk the Cup” with any of these Furick Borosilicate glass cups.

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