Weldmonger® TIG Welding Gloves - White/Gray 5.9cm Cuff

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$ 19.99

Brand New Weldmonger® TIG Welding Gloves

White/Gray (5.9cm) Split Leather Cuff

Glove Features:

  • Premium Kidskin with leather cuff
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Very durable
  • 5.9cm" cuffs for easy on/off and mobility

Here's What Jody Has To Say:

"Some welding gloves I've tried over the years were just barely passable. Some were pretty bad. One sample even ripped at the palm seam when I first put it on. Inexcusable! I can't have my customers spending their hard-earned money on junk like that, so I kept looking and found these.

These TIG gloves passed all welding equipment tests I could throw at them. These welding gloves are the clear winners of all the gloves I have tested.

These TIG gloves are soft and comfortable, but also very durable and affordable.

The bottom line is that I wouldn’t put my logo on them if they weren’t the best."

    Don't be disappointed by shoddy, cheap welding gloves. These TIG gloves come with my seal of approval, which is my highest recommendation!

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