Tig Finger® Original Heat Shield Bundle

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$ 31.99

Buy Both Tig Finger® Original & XL Sizes and Save!

Here's a simple little bundle that's a great way to introduce yourself to the Tig Finger® and Tig Finger® XL. With this special bundle, you don't have to decide which size is right for you— you can just get them both and save money while doing it!

Normally buying these guys individually would cost you $36, but you can grab this bundle exclusively from Weldmonger for just $31.99!

Save $4.00, just like that.

This money saving bundle includes both the Tig Finger® Original Heat Shield and the new Tig Finger® XL Heat Shield models. Choose the protection that is right for your hands and for the weld you need to accomplish! Stop burning the tips of your fingers off and trust in the protection that Tig Finger® offers! It comes with the Weldmonger seal of approval and our 100% Money-Back Quality Guarantee!

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