Furick TIG Arsenal Kit - #17, 18, 26

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$ 174.99

*Important: this kit is for #17, #18, and #26 style TIG Torches. If you have a #9 or #20 style torch, click here instead.

The thing I appreciate most about all of the different furick cups is that Michael Furick himself tests his cups rigorously before selling them.

And being a motorsports fabricator and excellent welder himself, Mr Furick knows what’s up. I put this kit together with some of my favorite cups that he offers.

And I added all the right adapter kit parts and gas lens collet bodies so it's ready to go on your #17, 18, or 26 style torch.

Starting with the #8 pro clear cup… I really like this cup.  My go to size cup for all around steel as well as aluminum is usually a #8 gas lens. The #8 Pro helps me see better.  Not just thru the cup when welding into a corner or in a hole, but the clear cup actually lights up the whole area helping my over-60-eyes see where I am going.

The #8 Pro is not threaded so uses the gas lens with double o-ring design provided in the kit. And it works great on either AC or DC.

The Jazzy 10 Ceramic provides great gas coverage with a really long stickout and works great on chromoly, stainless, and inconel.

The Ceramic 12 is the same design as the Jazzy 10 and provides a larger argon envelope than the Jazzy 10 and also works great on 4130 chromoly, stainless, inconel, and even some titanium jobs.

The new BBWSG-19 has a brass insert that is threaded and provides a really large shielded area for titanium and other alloys like inconel and superalloys used in both aerospace and motorsports.