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WM BLITZ VIDEO #4 Titanium Weld Test Tips Revealed: Practice for a 3G Aerospace Weld Test

If you are fairly new to Titanium, you might want to watch my Biggest Mistakes Titanium video can see it right here 

A 3g test on titanium involves a few key things to increase your chances of passing.

Since most tests like these are x ray tested, cleaning the metal properly is a key factor in preventing porosity.

There are many ways to clean titanium prior to welding but here is what I have found to be effective.

  • wipe test plates with acetone and clean lint free cloth to remove any oils or debris
  • next use a clean new file to smooth the edges to be welded. Often times, this edge is a sheared edge and can trap contaminants.  When you think you have filed enough, file a little bit more.
  • use a fine bristle stainless wire wheel with a drill or low rpm grinder and light pressure to remove surface oxides
  • make sure fixture is clean
  • wipe the plates one final time and install in fixture
  • also wipe filler metal with acetone prior to welding
  • snip end of wire before every restart

Fixtures are all slightly different so if possible, run a practice plate to determine the right argon flow rate for both fixture and cup used.


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marvin - August 28, 2023

Awesome !! As always.

Martin Rubenstein - August 6, 2023


It’s possible some people might see the short section on Weldmonger Store products as advertising but it not only alerts me to new products but also shows me how to correctly assemble and use your products, and, like you intimated, everyone who watches all the way through is in for a treat with bonus, close-up arc shots that are so detailed and clear as to render any voice-over as unnecessary.

Another great video. I keep impatiently checking my emails for the next one in the series.

Thanks so much, Jody. You have really whetted my appetite for welding titanium.


Jeri Roberts - August 6, 2023

Jody, I learn something every time I watch your videos.

Jeri Roberts - August 6, 2023

Jody, I learn something every time I watch your videos.

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