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WM BLITZ VIDEO #29 Did it Penetrate?

A macro etch test involves cutting a cross section of a weld to inspect for penetration.

In this video, I tested 2 of the welds done previously in this 30 videos in 30 days carbon steel and one aluminum.

The etchant I used for carbon steel is actually a passivation solution designed for stainless steel but there are several other etchants that work..including Naval jelly rust remover.( but it takes longer and requires a good polish)

For aluminum , Easy off oven cleaner works pretty good to bring out the weld nugget.

One thing holds true for either metal.

The better the polish, the better you can see the weld.

I like to include a macro test in videos when I have the time so that the viewer can correlate what is going on in the weld puddle with the actual results.




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