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WM BLITZ VIDEO #27 Rooftop Overhead 3/32" 7018

If you struggle with overhead stick welding, this video is for you.

This video shows my friend Matt Hayden stick welding with 3/32" 7018 on a joint called "rooftop".

sometimes a 3/32" 7018 can make the puddle easier to control.

Its a true overhead weld that is usually used to train for the overhead portion of a pipe.

Once a student can do this overhead weld along with vertical uphill, transitioning to pipe welding becomes mostly a matter of body positioning.

Settings:  DCEP at 90-95 amps using Lincoln Excalibur 7018

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Michael Skorcz - August 28, 2023

Great video, really appreciate your content on this website and youtube. Your videos helps me tremendously with my Mig welding, and once I can afford a Tig welder, those videos will help me I’m sure as well! Keep up the good work!


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