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WM BLITZ VIDEO #22 Andrew Cardin Free Handing TIG Overhead Socket Weld

For me, Socket welds were something I learned how to weld on the job.

My school was focussed on getting me to the place where I could pass a 6G weld test and I guess they knew I would learn socket welds after I passed a test.

I definitely could have benefitted from a bit of socket weld practice before being thrown to the wolves but I managed anyway.

So this is a video I would have loved to have watched before welding my first overhead socket weld.

Andrew Cardin and I filmed this together and we decided to go with a TIG finger and freehand technique instead of walking the cup because its common to have obstacles in your way that prevent walking the cup when you are on a pipe job.

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OG - August 28, 2023

Well done! At my age hard to see and hard to keep a steady grip to go free hand. Will be pracgticing for the rest of the life God gives me! Thank you both for the recent (it seems) uptick in TIG videos with Mr C.

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