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Primeweld TIG machines and water cooled packages back in stock!
Primeweld TIG machines and water cooled packages back in stock!

WM BLITZ VIDEO #23 3G MIG Uphill Short Circuit vs Pulse Spray

After watching this video and seeing very similar results from short circuit mig and pulse spray, you might wonder ...

Since pulse spray mig usually requires a more expensive machine with pulse features and short circuit mig can be done with a very basic mig welding mahcine

Why use pulse spray instead of short circuit mig?

for some, pule spray mig about compliance with codes as well as due diligence.

Pulse spray is a variation of spray transfer mig welding.

Some would argue that because of that, that qualifying a welding procedure for pulse spray is not necessary.


You can see quite a few discussions on this topic at welding forums

Like the AWS forum, welding web, and my weldingtipsandtricks forum.


Some folks in business for themselves and who do welding that must comply with AWS codes, choose pulse spray over short circuit for compliance reasons.

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Keino - October 6, 2023

Thank you Jodie.
1. You showed the settings once, can we take it there was no changes done for the 2nd and 3rd passes at all?
2. Different wire speed with the Spray. Is it because of the machine.?
or is the Pulse “cooling” our puddle slightly?

Paul Bernett - October 6, 2023

I cant Play Your Video’s For some Vision

Humbert Marambio - August 28, 2023

Thank you máster

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