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20% OFF ALL GLOVES UNTIL 5/17 NO COUPON CODE REQUIRED ⚡️ BONUS! ALLY #5 Kit when you buy an Arsenal KIT.

WM BLITZ VIDEO #14 1G, 2G, 3G Aerospace Test Welds

If you have been thinking about transitioning into aerospace welding from another welding industry, I hope this video helps you prepare for that.

Most aerospace weld test shops use fixtures similar to the one used in this video but they can be slightly different.

A welding procedure should be provided that lists amperage range, purge gas flow rate, filler metal type and diameter, tungsten type and diameter, etc.

You will need to follow the welding procedure closely because sometimes, that is monitored closely to see if you follow instructions.

When I switched from pipe welding to aerospace repair welding, one of the things that jumped out at me was that everything was smaller.

except for the tig cups.

Tig torch, tungsten, and filler metal were all smaller than what I used on pipe but some of the cups were really big...especially some custom made cups for titanium made from PTFE.

Back then , there were no Furick cups.  But if there were, we would have used them.

The ceramic jazzy10 is one of my favorite cups and is a great choice along with the furick ceramic 12 for all types of corrosion and heat resistant alloys like 17-7ph stainless, 15-7ph, 321, 15-5, 410 stainless, inconel, hastelloy, haynes 188, name it.


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Chris - October 6, 2023

Hi Jody,
I really enjoy watching your welding videos! Is their an advantage to learning to tig with a large furick cup or using a clear cup, does the better viewing help pick it up faster? Starting out with 1/8 mild steel till I become proficient then jumping to weld alum.

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