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WM Blitz Video #11 115 Volt MIG 11GA 3f Outside Corner Downhill MIG180

Material type and thickness was 1018 steel 11ga  .120" (3mm)

18.1 volts 149ipm using .035" ER70S6 wire, C25 gas at 25cfh

There are times when mig welding downhill makes sense and there are also times when uphill is called for.

11ga steel is too thin to effectively and efficiently weld uphill.

So this video shows downhill settings and technique.

Recommended mig chart settings on the primeweld mig180 were 18 volts and 236 inches per minute but while those settings will work, things just happen too quickly for some folks to keep up.

I reduced wire speed for this vertical downhill joint all the way to 149ipm and it was much more controllable while still showing evidence of penetration on the back side.

MIG machines are all a bit different and there is a  range of settings that would work fine for this weld.


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Joe - August 28, 2023

Great info. I’ve always been fairly good at downhill, but my uphill sucks. I suppose I really should practice it more. Thanks for your ongoing helpful instruction.

Randy - August 28, 2023

You get better penetration uphill with Meg?

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