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Primeweld TIG machines and water cooled packages back in stock!
Primeweld TIG machines and water cooled packages back in stock!

WM Blitz Video #10 115 volt MIG Welder 11GA Outside Corner Joint - 1F Flat MIG180

An outside corner joint is a very common joint for fabricating tanks and reservoirs and this is the first of several quick videos showing techniques and settings.

Material was 11ga 1018 steel.

18.1 volts 149ipm using .035" ER70S6 wire, C25 gas at 25cfh

A simple outside corner joint in 11ga steel does not require the full power recommended settings for 11ga steel.

The chart settings are 18 volts and 236 inches per minute for .035" wire using c25 gas.

While that will work, it is just too fast for a lot of beginners are folks who dont weld every day.

By slowing the wire speed down can make things more manageable because it slows the travel speed down and gives you time to react.

There is actually a very wide range of settings that will work for this joint.

I used a setting that I felt work work well with the primeweld mig180 for folks who do not weld every day for a living.

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Bart Spivey - August 28, 2023

Hello Jody
Please enter me into the Free Drawing for the Turbo Sharp Tungsten Grinder.

Thanks much

Art Spero - August 28, 2023

It would be a bit more instructive if you would show a section of the corner weld for penetration….similar to the section shown fin the overhead MIG video.

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