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autogenous tig weld stainless steel

What is Autogenous Welding?

"Autogenous" is a five dollar word that means welding without filler metal.

3 examples that are shown in this video are:

  1. lap joint on 16 ga stainless steel
  2. sanitary tubing purged  butt weld
  3. outside corner 18 ga steel

16 ga Stainless steel is used a lot in food processing and kitchen equipment and lap joints are often welded in the method shown in this video without filler metal.

.063" wall stainless tubing is used for sanitary applications like breweries and is often welded without filler metal

18ga Outside corner joints can also be tig welded without filler metal and pulse settings along with chill bars can help a lot with distortion.

I used an ally 5 combo kit for the tack welding using flash tack settings

and I used a #8 combo kit for the actual welding.

Click on any link below to learn more:

Ally 5

#8 pro

jazzy 10


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