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Weldmonger Customer Quick Tip Video #4

Weldmonger Customer Quick Tip Video #4

Did you know that in a pinch, you can stick weld with a tig torch?

All you need to do is use the right size collet body for the size stick rod and it chucks right up.

I wouldn't recommend doing it all the time but in a pinch, its a very hand thing to know.

I don't use the tig torch to stick weld very often but I have had to do it... and it got me out of a bind a few times .

I remember once when I needed a portable welding machine and the only one I had was a little Miller Maxtar 90 tig unit set up for TIG only with a 9 air cooled tig torch.

That Maxtar 90 was one of the first tig inverters that miller made and it was DC only.

No stick stinger to be found anywhere because it was an aerospace maintenance welding shop.

The little welder only had 90 amps of power but that was enough to burn a 3/32 stick rod to weld a grated floor back down that had been bent by a forklift.

It worked great and didn't hurt the tig torch either.

I only had to burn one rod. 

I suppose if you were to stick weld with the tig torch every day and burn the rods all the way down to the nub you might burn up the collet body or ceramic tig cup but in a pinch, if you just need to burn a rod or two, no harm.

I have used the food pedal also and it works great too. Especially on thin stuff. 


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Mike (The Stinger) Ready - June 27, 2024

After 65 years of welding, I to have done that, but I also used the foot pedal for amp control & also to shut off the current so I could lay down the rod/stinger without any sparking & Hi Frequency on start to run 7018.
Thanks, Jody, for over 10 years of videos. You keep me informed on welding methods & products.
Mike the stinger Ready

Stuart - June 27, 2024

Thanks Jody I’ve been welding 42 years and I didn’t know that one.

Ken Bank - June 27, 2024

Good information. Could a person use a pulsed TIG machine with a coated electrode chucked in the TIG touch for welding thin material?

Leo Smith - June 26, 2024

Believe or not, I have done the same thing with the Tig rig back in the 80’s. I’m a OLD TIMER WELDER TOO. I also bet that you know about Tig welding with a stinger!!! By taking a arc gouging 3/32 rod and braking one in half and sharping one end just like you would do with a pc of tungsten, put the other end in the stinger using straight polarity set the heat 90 amps or so? I can’t remember the exact temp, it’s been a lot of years since I did that, but remember doing quite a bit back in the early 80’s. Give it a try if you haven’t before? I think I’m going do that again when I get a chance this week..

Keith Munn - June 26, 2024

This is something good to know. I would never have known you could do
stick with a Tig welder. Excellent tip. Thanks and keep up the good videos. Getting better with each new one.

BOB ANDERSON - June 26, 2024

Anoher good idea from the Weldmonger! Should change your name to WeldMeister! Thanks for your videos. I have learned a lot by watching your videos over the past 10 years.



Kevin Taylor - June 26, 2024

Options and opportunities, dually noted for future use in a jamb or out in the field or both. Thanks a ton for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience. God Bless and be Safe!

William Farrell - June 26, 2024

Great info thanks so much

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