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Welding Positioners & Turntables

Not everyone needs a welding turntable.  But there came a time where I needed one bad.
When I started my welding business side hustle, within a few months, I started getting orders for hundreds of small stainless round parts.
I did the first few by hand and I could see right away I needed a more efficient process to speed up the welding as well as to make the welds prettier.
I didn’t have much money so I made a crude turntable out of an old bike…and  powered it with a variable speed drill with a hose clamp on the trigger to adjust speed.
Since that first DIY bicycle turntable I have used several different turntables and positioners.
I made this video to talk about certain features to look for on any turntable/positioner and also show a few tips and tricks.
Along with some of my older welding turntables, I am demonstrating a super nice welding turntable by MK products called the Cobraturn T260.
I found the digital readout for rpms to be very helpful and the neutral clutch was a game changer.
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