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Primeweld TIG machines and water cooled packages back in stock!
Primeweld TIG machines and water cooled packages back in stock!

Video Of the Week: TIG Welding & Padding Beads on Steel and Aluminum

I have seen this log project floating around the internet for a while now and I always thought it would be a lot more fun than just padding beads on a scrap plate. Padding beads is a fundamental exercise for getting better at any type of welding... doesn't matter if its tig, stick, mig, flux core, or any other welding process. as long as you take it seriously and weld with intention, padding beads will help you get better.

What do I mean by "welding with intention"? 1. Think about what you want to do 2. make assessment on each bead, 3. make changes to improve results, 4. Repeat I had a piece of stainless round stock in a bucket and I welded it with regular old ER70S-6 filler metal.

Welding Stainless with Carbon steel filler rod is something I would normally never do because its bad practice for real welds. But for the sake of practice and achieving a weathered look, I decided to give it a whirl. I also provided a few tips for using a torch mounted amperage control here that I think you will find helpful. I hope you enjoy the video and give it a try yourself.



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