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6g weld test pipe

6g Weld Test on 2 inch Schedule 80 pipe - TIG root, fill, & cap

This is a 6g weld test on 2 inch schedule 80 pipe.

This particular test is TIG all the way out.  Root, fill, and cap all done with ER70S6 1/8" filler wire.

My friend Andrew Cardin shows us the freehand technique on a 6g pipe test.

If you have ever tried a test like this before, you know that it gets pretty hot  before you get finished.

Andrew uses a TIG finger to prop on this 6g weld test so he can focus on the weld without being distracted by his knuckles burning. 

tig finger and tig finger xl size compare

6g test procedure details

2 inch schedule 80 carbon steel pipe

1/8" gap with zero land

 95-100 amps

3/32" 2% lanthanated tungsten

1/8" ER70S6 filler 

#7 cup stubby gas lens 

20 -25 cfh argon flow rate

The 6G weld test is a performance qualification test that assesses a welder's ability to create a sound weld on a pipe in the 6G position. This position is considered the most difficult as the pipe is fixed at a 45-degree angle, requiring the welder to either switch hands or at least get uncomfortable to move around the pipe while maintaining a consistent weld.

Passing a 6G weld test for TIG welding carbon steel pipe is a big deal for any welder looking to advance their career and often means a better paycheck.

A 6G test requires body positioning, good technique, and knowledge of the welding process.


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John Kai - May 21, 2024

I try the way you said but the penetration isn’t good I mean not equal is just like a waves.

Ken - March 11, 2024

I love eth part where yo usay " dont worry anbout how much your fingers are smoking LOL

Martin Rubenstein - March 11, 2024

The Gold Standard in both welding and instructional videos. The well-balanced commentary is perfect, not only describing what Andrew’s doing and why he’s doing it, but also on the peripheral things, such as what you can do to improve your chances of passing the test.

And let’s not forget the great job Brad did, tapering off at exactly the right time!

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