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WM Blitz Video #8 TIG Welding Aluminum 5F Weld Test - Tube to Plate 🔥

WM Blitz Video #8 TIG Welding Aluminum 5F Weld Test - Tube to Plate 🔥

A 5F weld test is a tube to plate test where a tube axis is horizontal and the plate is vertical.


This 5f test is a fillet weld test that my friend Andrew Cardin needed to pass in order to make a single aluminum socket weld on a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) facility.

On the actual test and field weld, Andrew used his Miller Dynasty 200 but for this video, he used my CK WorldWide MT200 AC/DC welder.

Andrew used a #7 Pro Furick cup because he used a #7 gas lens cup for the actual test and we were trying to replicate the actual test as much as possible.

Argon flow was set to 25-30cfh (we later learned that the flowmeter was off so the actual flow rate was probably closer to 15-20cfh)

Amperage was set to 200 using a foot pedal to back off amperage once the part became heat soaked.

AC frequency was set to 190- 200hz to help focus the arc into the root.

AC balance was set to slightly more cleaning than where the blue sweet spot mark was on the dial.

3/32" 2% lanthanated tungsten was used along with 3/32" 4043 filler metal because 

On a job like this, getting comfortable and finding a place to prop are both important factors in passing.

Andrew used a TIG finger to prop directly on the aluminum tube so that he could hold a tight arc length and maintain a good angle to penetrate into the root. 

If you have ever welded an aluminum test like this, you know how quickly the part gets really hot and how difficult it is to hold steady.

A TIG finger is like having a prop in your pocket and lets you prop right next to a hot weld.

You don't always need it..but when you need it need it.

weldmonger tig finger heat shield

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