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BONUS! ⚡️ FREE ALLY #5 Kit when you buy an Arsenal KIT.
BONUS! ⚡️ FREE ALLY #5 Kit when you buy an Arsenal KIT.
3G Plate Open Root - Walk the Cup & Freehand with TIG Finger®

3G Plate Open Root - Walk the Cup & Freehand with TIG Finger®

This is a 3G Open Root plate TIG Welded all the way out using ER70S6 filler rod.

Here are the joint details as well as settings used for this joint:

3/16" thick carbon steel

35 degree bevels

Zero land, 1/8" gap

1/8" ER70S6 tig rod

 A TIG Finger bundle is a good savings

tig finger and tig finger xl comparison

95-100 amps seems to be the sweet spot for the Root pass using laywire technique with 1/8" gap and 1/8" er70s6 filler rod

I used a #6 cup for the root pass at right around 98 amps reading out on the digital display.

For the hot pass, I increased amperage to 110 

I switch to a #8 cup for the next fill pass and then finally a #10 for the cover pass

Walking the cup works best if you have an assortment of cup sizes.

A  TIG cup kit is a convenient way to organize and to always have the right size cup when you need it without rummaging thru a tool box.

Our Weldmonger TIG pro kit has a cup for nearly any situation you might see.

We have kits for both 17 style torches and 9-20 style along with information on how to identify your torch on the product page.

Just select the kit  for your tig torch you can be sure everything will fit.


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Margaret - December 5, 2023

@Neil Clayton-
Just get a PrimeWeld TIG 225x from Weldmonger and be happy… spoken from experience. :)

Thanks for another great pipe welding video, Jody! Appreciated.

Bill - October 8, 2023

It might just be me or the camera angle and light reflexion, BUT, does the free hand area seem to show more HAZ than the walking the cup area?
Certainly do appreciate your demos and the fact that you want to share experience.

Rodney L. Pugh - October 6, 2023

Jody, you are the best. You explain your moves the best of all the YouTube videos, period. Thanks, I have learned what I know from watching your videos. Thanks, again.

Neil Clayton - October 6, 2023

I’m restoring a Jaguar E-Type and I need a cheap but good welder.
I’ll only use it a little so I don’t want to pay a fortune. I’m an engineer and I have TIG experience from my apprenticeship years ago.

Can you recommend a good unit I should buy?
Vevor? ArcCaptain? Harbor Freight?

Neil C

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