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Use Code: JODYSUMMMER24 at checkout to save 10% SITEWIDE
Use Code: JODYSUMMMER24 at checkout to save 10% SITEWIDE


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We have challenges planned for this kit, with prizes for the winners!
I got tired of looking for parts in my tig cup drawer... Standard cups that come with TIG machines or TIG torches are just not the best way to TIG weld; you just don’t get the best results.

I even had one review that called the BBW cup the magic cup because it magically made a dude's stainless welds look so much better. But don’t take my word for it…These are the exact cups you see most used by some of the very best TIG welders in the world.

@deepsouthdimestacker, @crummywelding, and @tig_happens all use these cups and post some incredible looking welds on IG.

With the Challenger Kit, you won’t just get the job done... you'll feel like you've got a show-worthy weld.
We put together a 2-pack of Tig Fingers® because we noticed so many people were ordering 2 at a time.

A lot of people have commented that they like to give one to a buddy or co-worker, and sometimes those sprout legs and walk away. It pays to have an extra one! 
You can save money by ordering a 2-pack of Tig Fingers® as opposed to ordering one at a time. Tig Fingers® are 100% asbestos free, made from a super heat resistant and smooth material which lets you prop on hot metal right next to the weld for those times when there is just nowhere else to prop.

Tig Fingers® also serve as a smooth glide for long welds on outside corner joints on aluminum and stainless. It's like having both a glide and a prop all in one… and it’s right in your pocket when you need it.

I searched for a long time for a glove supplier who made a TIG glove that was comfortable and durable, but also reasonably priced.

Several companies sent me samples and some were just OK... some BAD.

One even split the palm seam when I put it on.

I love black tig gloves because they look new for a long time. I am kind of hard on gloves because I won’t hesitate to pick up some pipe, expanded metal, tread plate, etc. with them. 

I typically don’t take the time to change into work gloves because I just don’t think about it. These gloves are tough enough to use for handling rough metal and soft enough to feel the filler rod or pick up a rod off the floor.

The weldmonger® 3” cuff  black tig gloves are comfy as well as durable and we stand behind them 100%.

If you get a pair that doesn’t fit, If you just don’t like them, or if you by chance get a pair that you are not satisfied with in any way, just let us know immediately and we will get you a new pair shipped out promptly.

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