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ac dc tig welder by ck

AC DC TIG Welder by CKworldwide

I have used several tig welders but on this page, I am strictly speaking about the ck mt200 ac dc tig welder.

I have done at least 20 videos and projects using my mt200 welder...both Aluminum and Steel... including a few stick welding videos with 7018 rods.

I often get the question..what is the best tig welder for the money?

And while my answer is usually "It depends"

That might sound like a cop out but its true.

For example, if you do general tig welding on steel and aluminum under 1/4" thick, you probably don't need a $15,000 Dynasty 400 package.

You might want to consider a CK worldwide mt200 for under $2000

There are 5 main reasons why this little ac dc tig welder is a great choice for a lot of folks.

  1. low 5 amp arc start ( most 200 amp tig welders have 10 amp or higher)
  2. true fan on demand ( no unnecessary background noise while not welding)
  3. performs better on 115 volt power than most other ac dc tig welders. (140 amps DC on 115v power is no joke)
  4. Foot pedal and tig torch are top notch (ck air cooled torch with superflex cables and high quality foot pedal)
  5. CK worldwide has great customer support and will take care of any potential issues. ( the very few issues I have seen have been taken care of quickly by CK)

OK lets go over these 5 reasons in more detail.

Low 5 amp arc startstig welder 5 amp start

Occasionally, you might need to weld something really thin.

...or do a build up bead on the edge of something really thin.

A 5 amp start comes in klutch for that.

Some 200 amp tig welders list a 20 amp start and while that is not a problem on some jobs, it can melt an edge or blow a hole quickly on really thin metal.

You dont always need a 5 amp start but when you need it,,,you need it.

True Fan on Demand

This is a bigger deal than you might first realize.

ac dc tig welder 5 amp start

Some companies advertise fan on demand but once you strike the first arc, the fans come on and runs constantly until you turn the welder off.

That is not true fan on demand.

True fan on demand is controlled by the temperature of the machine and the fans only run as needed to keep the machine under a certain temperature.

Not hearing tons of background noise from constantly running cooling fans is underrated in my book.

I mean, its not like I cant wear ear plugs when I use a welder with loud fans.

I just wear ear plugs...but it still wears on me.


115 volt performance

I made several videos using the mt200 where I only had access to 115 volt power.

Not all tig welders do well on 115 volt power.

Some machines will kick a 20 amp breaker.

I used the mt200 at 140 amps on a 4130 chromoly cluster video pumping the foot pedal to 140 amps and never tripped the breaker.

this is especially a big deal for portable jobs where 115 volt power is the only option without bringing your own generator.

Foot pedal and tig torch

2 of the biggest complaints on 200 amp ac dc tig welders are the foot pedal and the tig torch.

Some companies cut corners here and its a mistake.

The mt200 comes with a nice CK air cooled tig torch with flex head and super flex cables along with a smooth high quality foot pedal.

CK customer support

I saved the best  for last.

My mt200 has been bulletproof for going on 6 years and I have seen very few issues over the last few years of selling them.

Without exception, CK has taken care of every issue to make sure the customer is happy. CK is a top notch company.


If you are ready to buy an AC DC tig welder, click on image below and learn about payment options.

ac dc tig welding machine

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