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All of my Welding Tips & Tricks YouTube videos from 2013 on a complete 4-Disc DVD Set. That's over 7 hours of welding instruction spanning a year's worth of work. Here's what you get:

 Disc 1: TIG Aluminum
TIG Aluminum Gap TIG Aluminum Project
TIG Aluminum 3G TIG Switching Techniques
TIG Aluminum 3F HTP TIG Welder
2G Aluminum Plate Stainless Build-Up
TIG Aluminum Bike Mod: Part 1 Sanitary Tubing
TIG Aluminum Bike Mod: Part 2 TIG Multi-Pass
TIG Aluminum Manual Pulse
Disc 2: TIG Carbon Steel
TIG Steel Parts TIG High-Strength: Part 1
Thin Steel Tube TIG High-Strength: Part 2
TIG Bike Frame TIG Steel Clamps
TIG Pulsing for Steel TIG Thick Steel
Socket Weld Chin Bar Tungsten Review
TIG Steel Drill
Disc 3: MIG & 6G Pipe
MIG Boom: Part 1 MTS Machines
MIG Boom: Part 2 MIG CO2
115v Flux Core Pulse MIG Project
MIG Aluminum: Part 1 6G Test: Part 1
MIG Aluminum: Part 2 6G Test: Part 2
MIG Like TIG 6G Test: Part 3
MIG Inductance
Disc 4: Stick and Projects
6010 Pad Belt Guard: Part 1
6011 Welding Belt Guard: Part 2
Heavy Stick Welding Jeep Bumper Kit
Stick MTS Plasma vs. Oxy
Uphill Stick Welding Jeep Bumper Stick Weld
115v MIG Bumper 3rd Hand Project

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