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All of my Welding Tips & Tricks YouTube videos from 2013 on a complete 4-Disc DVD Set. That's over 7 hours of welding instruction spanning a year's worth of work. Here's what you get:

 Disc 1: TIG Aluminum
TIG Aluminum Gap TIG Aluminum Project
TIG Aluminum 3G TIG Switching Techniques
TIG Aluminum 3F HTP TIG Welder
2G Aluminum Plate Stainless Build-Up
TIG Aluminum Bike Mod: Part 1 Sanitary Tubing
TIG Aluminum Bike Mod: Part 2 TIG Multi-Pass
TIG Aluminum Manual Pulse
Disc 2: TIG Carbon Steel
TIG Steel Parts TIG High-Strength: Part 1
Thin Steel Tube TIG High-Strength: Part 2
TIG Bike Frame TIG Steel Clamps
TIG Pulsing for Steel TIG Thick Steel
Socket Weld Chin Bar Tungsten Review
TIG Steel Drill
Disc 3: MIG & 6G Pipe
MIG Boom: Part 1 MTS Machines
MIG Boom: Part 2 MIG CO2
115v Flux Core Pulse MIG Project
MIG Aluminum: Part 1 6G Test: Part 1
MIG Aluminum: Part 2 6G Test: Part 2
MIG Like TIG 6G Test: Part 3
MIG Inductance
Disc 4: Stick and Projects
6010 Pad Belt Guard: Part 1
6011 Welding Belt Guard: Part 2
Heavy Stick Welding Jeep Bumper Kit
Stick MTS Plasma vs. Oxy
Uphill Stick Welding Jeep Bumper Stick Weld
115v MIG Bumper 3rd Hand Project

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Great DVDs for anyone with an Interest in welding

Jody's videos are great for me as a hobby welder with no formal training,I have bought some of his products and used them.The TIG Finger is great,rather than burning rags or duct tape,the stubby kit another good kit,lots of great tips and good watching at 45 below,thanks


Your own welding tuition

I purchased the 2010-2013 Dvd series. These tips & tricks are worth a lot more than the 100 odd dollars Jody is selling them for. If I was to learn this a night school it would cost $1000's. If the welding teachers even knew this information. For instance, I attended night school for advanced mig welding. It cost $1500 to be taught the overhead welding techniques Jody gave away for $0. I go to a dvd for tips that I may not use often, or have forgotten, or simply don't know. One would have to work like a dog for years at a fabricator before they help you in the slightest. Some of the stainless procedure,these ****** guard like a secret guild. Nothing against the welding teachers who spend hours teaching for the love of it. Some of these men are priceless. But it's the fee cost to meet them which is a ball breaker. It is absolutely necessary to attend these institutions to gain certification. But for free advice, & to get an idea of what a welding course will involve, these are worth a look. I know these videos can be viewed online for $0. But I like to show a bit of respect. I can view these as I please, without worrying about internet service. These DVDs would make a good present to any aspiring welder. Wether they are qualified or not. I can't wait for the 2014 series tied be released on DVD. Go knock it out

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