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The Weldmonger TIG Hardware Bundle comes with the Weldmonger Gas Lens Kit, a Tig Finger©, and a Tig Finger XL, all for $78.99!

(Don't have a #9 or #20 style torch? Check out the Stubby and Basic TIG Hardware Bundles here.)

Kit for #9 and #20 Style TIG Torches

All the engineers thought it was normal for inconel to look dull and crappy... until I showed them what a gas lens could do.

What's so great about a gas lens kit?

Do you like your stainless welds to be dull and gray? Or shiny gold and purple?

A gas lens diffuses argon gas better and provides for a bigger and more effective envelope of argon coverage… period.

Do you want to be limited on extending your electrode to reach tight angles and down in holes? 

... or would you like to be able to extend your electrode over a half inch and still get good argon coverage?

Because of the multiple layers of fine mesh screen, a gas lens diffuses gas efficiently and that fact is what lets you extend your electrode out much further than you can with traditional collet bodies.

I mean, you don't always need to extend your electrode.  In a perfect world, every weld is done on a flat plate and right in front of you on your workbench and you can extend your electrode around 1/4" and still get a good looking weld on stainless.

But the welding world is not perfect.

There are all kinds of  situations like tight angles on 4130 chromoly cluster joints, mitred joints like on stainless handrails, stainless steel boat stanchions, and even just areas that are easy enough to get access to but that are made from inconel or hastelloy, where anything less than perfect argon shielding makes things go south quick.

I was talking to a friend of mine recently who got called in to a company as a contract welder to weld some prototype heat exchangers made from an exotic and crack sensitive nickel alloy.

The welds had to be welded using haynes 556 wire (a nickel wire that can have a very sluggish puddle if not shielded well with argon).

The previous welder was not using a gas lens, and you could tell it.

All the welds were gray and oxidized and not only did they look horrible, but  failed pressure testing due to crater cracks and lack of fusion from welding over oxidized metal.

He routed out the crappy gray welds with a carbide burr and then rewelded them using a #8 gas lens setup just like the one included in this kit, and his welds looked as shiny as a new penny… and passed the pressure tests no problem.

And then they offered him a permanent job making more than he had ever made before.

So how much was that worth?

I am not saying that using this gas lens kit will get you a job offer, but this situation illustrates just how much difference a gas lens can make.

If you are already using a #9 or #20 style TIG torch, this gas lens kit is a slam dunk for you.

It comes with setups for 1/16" (1.6mm)  3/32" (2.4mm) and 1/8" 93.2mm)  with #6, #7, and #8 cups…as well as one of each size of 2% Lanthanated Electrodes… which in my opinion is the best all-purpose electrode available.

So if you want to up your game with a nice gas lens kit that comes in a plano tackle box, here is your chance.

Order one now…

You won't regret it.

PS: if you are using a 17, 18, or 26 style torch, what you need is stubby gas lens kit… you can see it here.

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