Weldmonger 2% Lanthanated Electrodes (3/32") - (3 Pack)

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Weldmonger 2% Lanthanated Electrodes (3/32") - (3 Pack)

Now available in a cool rigid clear tube. 

Jody here, with a word on 2% lanthanated electrodes. 

(For a video review on tungsten electrodes, click here: http://www.weldingtipsandtricks.com/tungsten-electrodes.html)

2% lanthanated tungsten electrodes can handle even more amperage than 2% thoriated. Not only that, but it rounds off better on A/C. 2% lanth works especially well on inverters like the Miller Dynasty 200dx and Dynasty 350 where A/C frequencies are typically set to 100 or higher.

I think it is a great choice to simplify your toolbox and your life.

The only problem with 2% lanthanated is that it does not break cleanly. You can't just snap it with your fingers or 2 pairs of pliers. It bends and splits. You pretty much have to cut it with a grinder or at least score it with a grinder before you break it.

This is a pretty small price to pay for an all purpose tungsten electrode that works on carbon steels, stainless steel, nickel alloys, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, cobalt, copper alloys, pot metal, and everything else.

Back around 2009, I did a lot of testing of different types of tungsten electrodes. I worked for a major airline maintenance department training and certifying welders to do weld repairs on aircraft parts. The only type of electrode stocked in the tool room at that time was 2% thoriated electrodes and that is what we used on everything. Stainless, Nickel alloys, titanium, aluminum, magnesium…all of it was welded using 2% thoriated tungsten.

There were a few welders who managed to get some pure tungsten, or zirconiated tungsten for aluminum and magnesium - but for the most part, even magnesium gearboxes were welded using 2% thoriated… and sure, it worked.

But when a safety rep posed the question, "Are there other alternatives to 2% thoriated that offer good performance with no radiation?" I tested several types of electrodes to find out.

Without going into a bunch of numbers on low amp arc starts, the results of lots of tests showed me that 2% lanthanated was just as good or better than 2% thoriated. 

So we switched and it worked out well. Low amp applications like build up on edges of turbine and compressor blades worked fine. And high amperage applications like aluminum gearboxes worked fine, too. 

And if you are wondering if it works on transformer machines as well as inverters… when I ran the tests, we had a pretty good mix of Miller Syncrowave 250's along with some Dynasty 200 dx inverters.

... and the 2% lanthanated worked great on both transformer and inverter welders.


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