TIG DVD Bundle

$ 125.99

With this great bundled deal, you'll get a 2015 DVD, the very popular Tig Finger Bundle, and a MagTab for quite a bargain.

Here's the breakdown (with the normal costs listed):

  • $49.99 - My YouTube "Best of TIG" DVD (over 3.5 hours of footage)
  • $21.99 - Tig Finger XL™
  • $13.99 - Tig Finger™ Standard
  • $82.99 - CK Stubby Gas Lens Kit (one of our most popular)

Add that all up and it's close to $170.

But with the DVD Finger Bundle, you'll get it all for only $125.99.

That means you're saving about $44 (that's over 25%)!