Weldmonger TIG DVD Bundle

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$ 120.99 $ 125.99

Included in this Weldmonger exclusive bundle is a DVD compilation from our Welding Tips & Tricks 2015 YouTube series, the very popular Tig Finger® Bundle, and a MagTab, all for one low price!

Here's the breakdown of what is included (with the normal costs listed):

  • $42.99 - My YouTube "Best of TIG" DVD (over 3.5 hours of footage)
  • $21.99 - Tig Finger XL™ Original Heat Shield
  • $13.99 - Tig Finger™ Standard Original Heat Shield
  • $82.99 - CK Stubby Gas Lens Kit (one of our most popular kits!)

Purchasing all of these items individually would set you back almost $170. 

But with the DVD Finger Bundle, you can save by getting it all for only $125.99!

That means you're saving about $44 (that's over 25% off the original price!) 

We love taking care of our welding community, and offering bundles like this is just one of the ways we like to show our appreciation for you. 
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