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$ 132.99 $ 152.99

Jody, here.

This bundle's got all of my most popular, latest-and-greatest stuff in it (as of right now, May 30, 2016!). Here's what's included:

  • NEW 2016 WeldingTips&Tricks YouTube 4-Disc DVD Set
  • NEW Weldmonger Gas Lens Kit (for #9 and #20 TIG Torches)
  • Your choice of T-Shirt
  • StrongHand MagTab
  • Tig Finger XL™ Heat Shield
  • and of course, the Tig Finger™ Heat Shield

Between those 5 items, you'd normally be about $175 deep.

But this bundle is available to you for only $132.99. (**$134.99 for long-sleeved)

So you save $42 - that's over 20%!

I think this is a great way for you to save some cash on what have proven to be some very popular products.

Grab your Primo Bundle now!

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