Stronghand Build Pro - Tooling Package - Basic

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$ 167.99

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Some of the best fixture plate tools I've used over the years, all packaged up to make your fixture plate experience way better.Ā 

These tools work with any 5/8" "through hole" style fixture plate or table.Ā  .. I would strongly encourage checking out the crummy plate here.

What comes in theĀ Stronghand Tooling Basic Package:

  • 2 - Build Pro Inserta Clamps (UDN5150) -Ā Clamp Capacity: 6-1/2" - 5/8 insert
  • 2 -Ā Ā Build Pro Inserta Pliers. (PTT634K) -Ā 3-3/8 Throat Depth. -Ā 5/8 Insert.
  • Ā 4 -Ā  Build Pro 2" Welding Stops (T54205)Ā Ā 

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