July 4th Bundle

$ 49.99


With this great bundled deal, you'll get a 2016 WeldingTipsAndTricks DVD and the very popular Tig Finger Bundle, for $5 less than you'd normally pay for the DVD all by itself.

Here's a breakdown of each individual part of this great little bundle:

  • $54.99 - 2016 WeldingTipsAndTricks YouTube DVD (over 7 hours of footage)
  • $21.99 - Tig Finger XL™
  • $13.99 - Tig Finger™ Standard

Add that all up and you're $91 deep.

But with the DVD Finger Bundle, you'll get it all for only $49.99.

That means you're saving $41 (45%)!

USA Customers: get free shipping with coupon code JULY4 and the savings will grow even more!

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