* Arc-Saber™ "Stubby" Tungsten Electrode Storage

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$ 13.50

Arc-Saber™ Safely & Securely Stores Tungsten Electrodes

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Arc-Saber™ "Stubby" tungsten storage container with magnetic base!  Arc-Sabers feature a tough body design, durable threaded-on cap with o-ring seal and a handy leash chain for easy storage.  Additionally, there is a strong 12.5lbs pull rated neodymium (rare-earth) magnet in the base.  Each Arc-Saber™ includes our "wood strip" that helps to minimize atmosphere and moisture contamination, keeping your tungsten dry and ready to use.

Designed for short 3.5" (88.9mm) tungsten electrodes. Maximum capacity is 19ea. 1/8" (3.2mm) diameter electrodes!

Check out our Full Size Arc-Saber Perfect for your 7" (175mm) long electrodes!

  • Durable tungsten storage container constructed of high-impact polyethylene, HDPLA Plus Plastic
  • Strong 12.5lbs pull rated neodymium (rare-earth) magnet located in the base. The magnet is screwed into the body with a stainless steel screw for long trouble free use.
  • Store your short electrodes on the jobsite, your tool box, your metal work table
  • Made in USA!


  • Colors:
  • ArcTime™ Sky Blue

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