WT&T 2012 YouTube DVD

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All of my Welding Tips & Tricks YouTube videos from 2012 on a 4-Disc DVD Set. That's over 7 hours of welding instruction spanning a year's worth of work.

 Disc 1: TIG
TIG Lap Joints TIG Techniques Using a TIG Finger
6G Test: Part 1 SWAG Bender Mount
6G Test: Part 2 C-Clamp TIG Repair
6G Test: Part 3 Using 309 on Carbon Steel - TIG
CK Flex Loc Torch Stainless TIG Repair
4130 Chromoly Tubing - TIG Walking the Cup - Multi-Pass
Stubby Gas Lens
Disc 2: More TIG
TIG Stainless Job 1G TIG Test Joint - Aluminum
Aluminum Boat Prop Cast Aluminum TIG Job Problems
TIG Outside Corner - Aluminum Lift Arc TIG Welder Project
AC Balance Control Scratch Start vs. Lift vs. HF TIG
Aluminum Lap and Tee - TIG Random TIG Tasks
TIG Aluminum Parts Small HF Start DC TIG
Disc 3: MIG, Stick, & Plasma Cutting
Merit Badge - MIG Merit Badge - Stick
MIG Badge - Flux Core 7018 Overhead Tee
MIG Edge Welds Excalibur 7018
MIG Lap Joints Stick Welding Tips from Bubba
MIG Outside Corner Stick Welding Laps
Hobart Ironman 230 Miller Plasma Cutter: Part 1
MIG Short Circuit vs. Spray Miller Plasma Cutter: Part 2
Disc 4: Projects
3-Legged Stool: Part 1 Downdraft Table Project: Part 2
3-Legged Stool: Part 2 Downdraft Table Project: Part 3
309 for Steel Steel Outside Corner - TIG
Hammer TIG Project SWAG Bumper Project
Removing Broken Stud - TIG Fabricating using BuildPro Table
Downdraft Table Project: Part 1

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